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posted Dec 1, 2017, 5:13 AM by Morgantown GunClub

black Powder silhouette target SHOOT
Sunday, December 17, 2017

Howdy Gents!  We had such a great tyme at the September “Get Together” shoot, I figured to get something else agoin’ before the May “Blanket Shoot”.  Ever since I joined the Club and brought up black powder shooting, all I heard about were these steel targets in the shed.  Well, it is tyme to bring them out into the light of day and make some use of them.  I did learn some interesting things from our October practizin’ session so I have organized a black powder silhouette target shoot for all you old tyme gunners.

I wanted to have a shoot that included the modern in-line black powder guns but no one expressed an interest.  So we will have a shoot for the ”traditionalists” with rifles/muskets and pistols/revolvers.  The following provides an outline of the basics for the Shoot.

WHEN:                  Sunday, December 17, 2017, Registration 12:00 PM, Shoot begins 1:00 PM

GUNS/AMMO: Any gun that shoots loose black powder charges, loaded from the muzzle and/or from the front of the cylinder, no cartridge guns allowed.  This includes rifles, muskets, carbines, revolvers, and pistols.  For Safety reasons, only all lead bullets are allowed, no jacketed bullets.  (Just making sure since I hoped to have some modern gunners shooting.)  Matchlock, flintlock and percussion ignition are allowed.

SIGHTS:                Muzzle Loader long guns and revolvers/pistols will be limited to open sights only, however aperture/peep sights are allowed.. Florescent sights will be allowed with a -1 point value per target.

CLASSES:              There will be two Classes of Shooters:

                                Class I:  Long Guns

                                Class II:  Handguns

TARGETS:            Steel Silhouettes: 7”, 11” and 17” in height

THE SHOOT:        There will be a standard 80 point cumulative score for each Class.  Target size, shooting distance, and shooting position will vary between classes.  There will be one winner for each Class.

                                We will also have 2 to 3, 50/50 Money shoots

ENTRY FEES:       The Fee for the shoot will be $16 for Rifle and Handgun Classes.  If a competitor shoots both pistol and rifle the fee will be $20.  The money shoots are optional at $1.00 per shot.

                                Each shooter is responsible for their own powder, patches, balls, etc.  The Club will provide solvent and cleaning patches for routine swabbing.

I am hoping to have at least three shooters in each Class so that we can have an individual winner for each Class.  If not, I have designed the shoot so that each Class can be competitive with the other.  Here are the target designations for each Class.

Long Gun Class:

25 Yards, off hand, 11” Target
25 Yards, any position, 7” Target
50 Yards, off hand, 17” Target
50 Yards, any position, 11” Target
75 Yards, kneeling, 11” Target
100 Yards, sitting, 17” Target
100 yards, bench/sand bags, 11” Target
100 Yards, Kill the Turkey, any position.

Handgun Class:

25 Yards, single handed, 17” Target
25 Yards, two handed, 11” Target
25 Yards, any position, 11” Target
25 Yards, from the bench/sandbags, 7” Target.
50 Yards, standing, two handed, 17” Target
50 Yards, any position, 11” Target.
50 Yards, bench/sandbags 11” Target
50 Yards, Kill the Turkey, any position.

Both Classes total 80 Points. Targets count as 10 points if you topple the target. Targets count as 5 points if you hit but fail to topple the target. And Zero points if you miss. The Turkey is 10 points if you hit, zero if you miss.

Money Shoots:

1.)    There will be a “Foul the Bore” shot to open the shoot at 25 Yards with the NMLRA Target. Long guns will be off hand and handguns will be two handed. $1.00 and a 50/50.  Closest to the center wins.

2.)    We will close the Match with the “Dueling Shot”. $1.00 and a 50/50.  Closest to center mass wins.

3.)    There will also be a 50/50 Money Shoot for the high card similar to the rifle/pistal shoots. $1.00 a card and you can buy as many as you like.  The winner of the Dueling Shot will fire two shots at the swinging target, and we hope he/she doesn’t miss. If no winner, the pot carries over to the next Black Powder shoot.

As always, hearing and eye protecting is required.  The use of powder measures, holding less than 200 grains, is mandatory for charging your gun.  The use of flasks, powder cans and/or kegs is forbidden to load your weapon.

We have a small cadre of black powder shooters who I am sure would be interested. I am hoping that more folks would get interested and just show up to watch.

See ya there!

Rob (Festus) Harney
Black Powder Committee