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Black powder shoot Intrest....

posted Feb 25, 2015, 6:26 PM by Morgantown GunClub

The Morgantown 
> Rod & Gun Club is looking into the possibility of holding a black 
> powder shoot. I have been tasked for the moment to see if there is 
> enough interest to proceed to the next level. My name is Rob Harney 
> and I am new to the Club but interested in black powder shooting. 
> If you think this is something you'd like to participate in let me know.
> What I have in mind right now is as follows:
> 1.) Eligible weapons: Black powder long guns with either flint or 
> percussion ignition; single shot flint or percussion pistols and cap 
> and ball revolvers. No black powder cartridge guns or modern in-line 
> guns. (All pre-1870's type guns?)
> 2.) Sights and Ammo: Loose black powder charge with a patched 
> roundball only. No conical, minie or Maxie bullets. Open sights 
> only, (No telescopic, tubular or aim-point type sights.)
> The kind of events will take some planning but what I have in mind for 
> now could be long gun paper targets at various ranges, some type of 
> pistol event, and novelty targets, (i.e. swinging target, "split the 
> ball", etc.) All of this can be decided later but right now all I 
> need to know if there is interest. Below are a few simple questions 
> for you to answer if interested which will greatly help in 
> planning. Just add your answers below on this e-mail and return it 
> back to me. Rob Harney - festus@chesco.com 
> Make sure your e-mail program is set to include the original message 
> in your reply. If you are not sure, just send me a note simple 
> saying "I am interested in the Morgantown R & G blackpowder shoot." 
> with 'Morgantown Rod & Gun - Black powder Shoot' in the Subject 
> line. Also, if you want to help with the planning let me know, as I 
> won't be able to do it alone.
> Please respond so I can have something to report 
> at our next meeting.Thanks, and I hope to hear from you.
> Rob Harney
> --------------------------------------------
> Yes, I am interested in participating in the black powder shoot: >
> Interested in serving on the Planning committee? >
> Type and caliber of black powder arm(s) owned:
> (Examples: Hawken, .50 cal. flintlock or 1851 Colt Navy revolver, .36 
> cal., etc.)