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Next meeting is March 27, 2019 -  7 pm

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2019 Dues / newsletter

posted Dec 14, 2018, 2:09 PM by Morgantown GunClub

You should be receiving your Club’s annual newsletter in the mail very soon. Enclosed with the newsletter will also be your dues notice for 2019 dues. You will want to get your dues back to us as soon as possible. We have in the past been very lenient on accepting dues payments well after their due date of January 31st. As this represents a large inconvenience to those responsible for dues receipt and membership card mailings as well as keeping the number of renewals in limbo for an extended period of time, your officers have determined to institute a policy which will hopefully encourage timely payment by every one.

If your dues are not received before the 31st of January you will be assessed a $10.00 late payment fee, regardless of dues type. You will then have until Feb 28th to submit your dues in full along with the late fee. As of March 1st if your dues have not been received you membership will be cancelled. You will then need to reapply for membership as a new member going through the normal process for all new members including finding a sponsor, payment of fees for background check, etc.

Please complete the enclosed card showing dues paid, number of raffle tickets and / or NRA meal tickets purchased and any donations. You can also use the card to advise us of any change of address, phone number or email. If you purchase raffle tickets the stubs will be returned along with your membership card. NRA meal tickets will be forwarded when received by the club. The NRA banquet will be held on February 23, 2019 at the Spooky Nook Sports Complex in Manheim, PA.

If you have not received your newsletter by January 18, 2019 please contact the club at morrodandgun@gmail.com

Countering the Mass Shooter Course

posted Apr 3, 2018, 3:30 PM by Morgantown GunClub

Countering the Mass  Shooter Course

Morgantown Rod and Gun Club

Class 1 April 24, and 26, 2018

Class 2 April 28, 2018


With all of the grief inflicted recently in Florida we have been asked, what do we do if we find ourselves in an active shooter situation.

We will be presenting the United States Concealed Carry Association Class, “Countering the Mass Shooter” at Morgantown Rod and Gun Club.

We will present the what, when, how, why and where during this 5 hour class for you and your family to get the information which will greatly improve your chances of surviving such an attack if you are ever unfortunate enough to find yourself in the middle of one of these attacks.

For further information and details click this link http://www.gemanuel.com


This is affordable training that all adults and older children need.

Countering the Mass Shooter

This is a non-shooting course designed to provide you with the necessary information to greatly increase your chance and your loved one’s chances of survival should you ever find yourself in an “Active Shooter” situation.

This class is approximately five hours in length and will cover the following topics:

What have we learned about the mass shooter?

What is

an “Active Shooter” What is a “Mass Shooter”

Correlation to social media growth

Columbine Copycats

Active Shooter Events broken down by location type

Police Response times and event resolution summary

Types of firearms typically used, and their effect on outcomes

“Gun Free Zones” vs public safety

What to do if you are at the mall, in church, at work, in school?

The mindset of the shooter

Run, Hide or Fight, when to do each, and how

Developing your “action plan”

Emergency First Aid, the difference between surviving and dying.

How to diagnose the best treatment and how to perform it

This course is a frank discussion of topics which some may find disturbing.

It is not, however. graphic and is suitable for children who are capable of learning in a static environment. It is essential for the adults of the household as they are the primary first responders when out and about with their children.

The course is also suitable and recommended to the business owner or professional who is concerned about how to ensure that his workplace is as safe as possible and has a plan should the worst occur.

If you are a church organization, a club, or any place where the public might gather, this course is a must.

The class is being held twice at Morgantown Rod and Gun Club as follows;

Session 1 Tuesday, April 24, and Thursday, April 26 from 7:00 til 9:30 PM

Session 2 Saturday, April 28, from 8:30am  til 1:30pm

Time can run over if class participation requires, but we will try to keep as close as possible to the times posted.

Fee for the course is $50.00 first member, and $25.00 for each additional family member.

Coffee and donuts will be provided for class 1 and snacks and drinks will be provided for class 2

This class is open to the public but seating is limited to the first 20 per class.

Please contact George Emanuel at George@gemanuel.com or 215-622-0839 (leave a message please) to sign up or get answers to your questions

This is a United States Concealed Carry Association class and curriculum and you will receive a certificate upon completion.

George Emanuel holds certifications from The National Rifle Association, The United States Concealed Carry Association, Project Appleseed, and Reveres Riders. He is a veteran of both the United States Navy, and the United States Army and has extensive firearms as well as training experience


posted Mar 2, 2018, 8:49 AM by Morgantown GunClub   [ updated Mar 13, 2018, 4:08 AM ]


 For more info contact; R.W. CASTRO. 610-513-7405

Morgantown Rod & Gun Club summer shoot Competition 2018

To be held April 22, May 20, June 24, July 22, August 26, September 23, and October 28

Registration starts at 10 am, rifle starts at 11 am, pistol at 1:00 pm. Shooters meeting prior to start of competitions.

Kitchen opens at 12 noon


·         Competitors must obey the rules as listed or they will be disqualified and asked to leave the range.

·         Competitors must use hearing and eye protection at all times.

·         Competitors will paired on the firing line and shoot simultaneously, each at their designated target array.

·         Ammunition will NOT be provided. Competitors to supply ammunition.

·         A magazine/speedloader loading table will be set up next to the clubhouse front door.

·         Maximum of 5 rounds in each magazine/speedloader.

·         Ammo is to be kept separate from the firearm. On the person (in pockets/pouches) is preferable, until called to firing line where it may be arranged on shooting bench.

·         A few extra loose rounds in case of misfires is advised.

·         No laser type sights allowed.

·         Traditional type pistols (auto or revolver) comps/ported barrels/non-magnifying red dot sights allowed.

·         Hunting, Silhouette, or HB Varmint rifles of any action type allowed. NO Olympic type match or benchrest rifles. Maximum 12X scope magnification. Higher power variables allowed if turned down to 12X. No other restrictions.

·         100 second (1 2/3 minute) time limit per string all classes.

Ammo Restrictions:

·         RF both rifle and pistol; standard or high velocity allowed. Hollowpoints allowed.

·         CF pistol; FMJ or lead ROUND NOSE ONLY! NO hollowpoint, wadcutter, semi wadcutter, or flat nose bullets allowed.


·         Rim Fire Rifle .17, .22 LR cal.

·         Rim fire Pistol .22 LR cal.

·         Center Fire Pistol 9mm/.38 through .45 cal.


·         Competitors must register for the class or classes in which they wish to compete.

·         Competitors will be given a score sheet for each class they enter to be filled out by them and given to the scorer.

·         May compete in multiple classes.

·         Re-entry with a different firearm in a class is allowed as long as it is the same cartridge type IE RF or CF.

·         Each competitor will be registered by name and a sign up order number.

Entry Fee:

·         $10 per class.

Prize Structure For All Classes:

·         50/50 format. 50% of total take goes to club and 50% is returned to shooters. 1st place wins 30%, 2nd place wins 20% of cash intake from each class.

Rifle Competition:

·         Distance is 100 yards.

·         Targets are a plate rack of 5 NRA 1/5 scale RF silhouette knock down chickens.

·         Competitor fires 5 rounds per string for 5 strings. Maximum of 25 points total per class/entry.

·         After each string hits will be scored and targets reset from firing line.

·         Rifles will be fired from the shooting benches. Front sandbags or bipods are allowed. No benchrest tripods/mechanical rests allowed.

·         No rear supports other than the weak hand supporting the rifle butt allowed.

·         All supports must be forward of magazine.

·         One minute time limit to adjust supports.

Pistol Competition:

·         Distance is 25 yards.

·         There must be 3 + shooters in each class (RF, CF) or all shooters will compete together in the pistol class.

·         Targets are a plate rack of 5 4” diameter knock down discs. Racks will remain set at the 100 yard bunker and a mobile firing line set up 25 yards up range from the bunker.

·         Competitor fires 5 rounds per string for 5 strings. Maximum of 25 points total per class/entry.

·         After each string hits will be scored and targets reset from firing line.

·         Starting position is low ready, finger outside trigger guard, muzzle pointed at a 45’ angle in front of the shooting table.

·         Shooting is free style for all strings. One or two hands, shooter’s option.

Scoring For All Classes:

·         Designated scorer/s will be on the firing line scoring after each string.

·         Scoring is hit or miss. 1 point for each hit, 0 points for each miss. Maximum score for each class is 25 points, 5 points per string.

·         Ties will be decided by a single shot shoot off on a NRA 50 yard RF target. Target to be placed at 25 yards for pistol, 100 yards for rifle. Closest shot to the X ring wins.

·         If necessary sequence will be repeated until a winner is recognized.

Firearm Handling Rules:

·         All firearms must remain unloaded- no ammunition or magazine-at all times EXCEPT when on the firing line and commanded to load by the range officer.

·         Magazines/speedloaders may be loaded but must be kept separated from firearm. Pockets/belt pouches OK.

·         When moving to and from the firing line firearms must have the action open, detachable magazines removed, and be carried with the muzzle up and finger out of the trigger guard.


·         Revolvers must have hammer down.

·         Autoloaders may NOT have a magazine in them at any time except when shooting.

·         Pistols are to be carried to the staging area in a closed case. Cases may be stored under staging table.

·         Pistols are to be placed in the provided racks in the pistol staging area with actions open at the beginning of the pistol match.

·         After completion of the 25 round stage competitors will return with their pistol to the staging area and re-case their pistols.


·         Rifles are to be brought to the firing line in a closed case and then stored in the provided rack with their actions open. Cases may be stored under or on the unused benches. (Semi-autos lacking a bolt hold open catch must have a chamber flag or twig etc. inserted to keep the bolt out of battery.)

·         Rifles must remain on the provided rack when not in use with the muzzle pointed up.

·         After completion of the 25 round stage competitors will return their rifles to the rack until the end of the match.  They then may return them to their cases.

Firearm Problems:

·         A table will be set up at the rear of the clubhouse for working on firearms.



Shooting Rules:

·         Competitors will not approach the firing line until their names are called.

·         Only competitors called to the line, range officers, and assigned personnel are allowed on the cement pad for the rifle match or forward of the ready line for the pistol match.

·         During the pistol match competitors and spectators may congregate on the cement pad AFTER the rifles have been removed.

·         Competitors will be notified at each stage which plate rack they will be shooting at.

·         Any shots fired at the plate rack of a different competitor will result in immediate disqualification.

·         Pistols must remain in the staging racks until the competitors are called to the firing line, and then carried with the actions open/muzzle up.

·         Rifles must remain racked until the competitors are called to the firing line, and then carried with the actions open/muzzles up.

·         At the firing line the competitor will lay their firearm down on the table with the muzzle pointed down range, unloaded, and the action open.

·         Any sweeping of one’s self or a fellow competitor or spectator at any time with an uncased firearm’s muzzle WILL be grounds for instant disqualification!

·         At this point up to 5 magazines/speedloaders (each with a maximum of 5 rounds may be placed next to the firearm.

·         Once the firearm is lying on the table the competitor may not touch it again until instructed by the range officer.

Range Officer Instructions:

·         You may take a sight picture with an unloaded firearm.

Pistol: At this point the competitor my pick up the firearm and take a sight picture.

Rifle: Competitors may adjust their rests and also take a sight picture/adjust their scope’s focus.

Load and make ready. At this point competitors will load their firearm and chamber a round, keeping their finger away from the trigger, and assume the starting position.

·         Are you ready?  Shooters will signify that they are ready.

·         Standby. Shooters will prepare to fire at the sound of the buzzer. Upon the buzzer’s sound the 100 second PAR time will be activated.

·         The buzzer will sound again after 100 seconds and a Cease Fire command will be given. All competitors have completed their string or another situation that the range officer has determined requires everyone to stop shooting. Everyone will stop shooting. Any round fired after the cease fire buzzer will not score.

·         When the Cease Fire command is given competitors will unload any unfired rounds and place their firearms on the table with the actions open magazines out.

·         The scorer/s will score the sheets, the shooters will verify, and the targets reset.

·         Time will be given after each string to load magazines/revolver cylinders.

·         This sequence from Load and Make Ready through Cease Fire will be repeated four more times until the competitors have fired five 5 shot strings, 25 rounds total.

·         After the fifth string the command Unload and show clear will be given. The range officer will verify that the firearms are unloaded and instruct the competitors to return their pistols to the staging area and case them or return their rifles to the rack with the actions open.

Plate rack malfunctions:

·         If there is a target system malfunction the range offer will make the firing line safe and the competitors will step behind the firing line.

·         The range officer or designated person will proceed down range to rectify the issue.



·         If at any time, any of these rules are broken, the competitor will be subject to disqualification.

·         In some cases, at the range officer’s discretion, a warning may be issued.

·         This would be a one-time warning and any subsequent violations will result in immediate disqualification.

·         If at any time, any person, sees any of these rules being broken they are obligated to immediately notify the range officer. If they fail to do so they are also subject to disqualification.


2018 DUES

posted Jan 2, 2018, 5:43 PM by Morgantown GunClub

Just a quick reminder that dues are now payable for 2018. You should have received a notice in the mail a while back. If you haven't paid yet the dues are $40 for regular, $10 for senior (65 and over) and $5 for active military. Tickets for the spring raffle are $10 each and we are accepting donations toward equiping the new kitchen. 
Raffle prizes this year are: a Marlin lever action 30/30 with scope, an M&P 9 mm pistol and a $100 gift card for Cabela's. If you would like tickets just include $10 per ticket with your dues. Tickets will be mailed back with your membership card. 
The gate code will be changed on February first. Failure to pay your dues by then could result in losing your membership, which would require reapplying as a new member ($50 for background check, sponsor, etc.)
If you have any questions please contact the club. Send monies to the club at:
Morgantown Rod and Gun Club
PO Box 541
Morgantown, PA 19543


posted Dec 1, 2017, 5:13 AM by Morgantown GunClub

black Powder silhouette target SHOOT
Sunday, December 17, 2017

Howdy Gents!  We had such a great tyme at the September “Get Together” shoot, I figured to get something else agoin’ before the May “Blanket Shoot”.  Ever since I joined the Club and brought up black powder shooting, all I heard about were these steel targets in the shed.  Well, it is tyme to bring them out into the light of day and make some use of them.  I did learn some interesting things from our October practizin’ session so I have organized a black powder silhouette target shoot for all you old tyme gunners.

I wanted to have a shoot that included the modern in-line black powder guns but no one expressed an interest.  So we will have a shoot for the ”traditionalists” with rifles/muskets and pistols/revolvers.  The following provides an outline of the basics for the Shoot.

WHEN:                  Sunday, December 17, 2017, Registration 12:00 PM, Shoot begins 1:00 PM

GUNS/AMMO: Any gun that shoots loose black powder charges, loaded from the muzzle and/or from the front of the cylinder, no cartridge guns allowed.  This includes rifles, muskets, carbines, revolvers, and pistols.  For Safety reasons, only all lead bullets are allowed, no jacketed bullets.  (Just making sure since I hoped to have some modern gunners shooting.)  Matchlock, flintlock and percussion ignition are allowed.

SIGHTS:                Muzzle Loader long guns and revolvers/pistols will be limited to open sights only, however aperture/peep sights are allowed.. Florescent sights will be allowed with a -1 point value per target.

CLASSES:              There will be two Classes of Shooters:

                                Class I:  Long Guns

                                Class II:  Handguns

TARGETS:            Steel Silhouettes: 7”, 11” and 17” in height

THE SHOOT:        There will be a standard 80 point cumulative score for each Class.  Target size, shooting distance, and shooting position will vary between classes.  There will be one winner for each Class.

                                We will also have 2 to 3, 50/50 Money shoots

ENTRY FEES:       The Fee for the shoot will be $16 for Rifle and Handgun Classes.  If a competitor shoots both pistol and rifle the fee will be $20.  The money shoots are optional at $1.00 per shot.

                                Each shooter is responsible for their own powder, patches, balls, etc.  The Club will provide solvent and cleaning patches for routine swabbing.

I am hoping to have at least three shooters in each Class so that we can have an individual winner for each Class.  If not, I have designed the shoot so that each Class can be competitive with the other.  Here are the target designations for each Class.

Long Gun Class:

25 Yards, off hand, 11” Target
25 Yards, any position, 7” Target
50 Yards, off hand, 17” Target
50 Yards, any position, 11” Target
75 Yards, kneeling, 11” Target
100 Yards, sitting, 17” Target
100 yards, bench/sand bags, 11” Target
100 Yards, Kill the Turkey, any position.

Handgun Class:

25 Yards, single handed, 17” Target
25 Yards, two handed, 11” Target
25 Yards, any position, 11” Target
25 Yards, from the bench/sandbags, 7” Target.
50 Yards, standing, two handed, 17” Target
50 Yards, any position, 11” Target.
50 Yards, bench/sandbags 11” Target
50 Yards, Kill the Turkey, any position.

Both Classes total 80 Points. Targets count as 10 points if you topple the target. Targets count as 5 points if you hit but fail to topple the target. And Zero points if you miss. The Turkey is 10 points if you hit, zero if you miss.

Money Shoots:

1.)    There will be a “Foul the Bore” shot to open the shoot at 25 Yards with the NMLRA Target. Long guns will be off hand and handguns will be two handed. $1.00 and a 50/50.  Closest to the center wins.

2.)    We will close the Match with the “Dueling Shot”. $1.00 and a 50/50.  Closest to center mass wins.

3.)    There will also be a 50/50 Money Shoot for the high card similar to the rifle/pistal shoots. $1.00 a card and you can buy as many as you like.  The winner of the Dueling Shot will fire two shots at the swinging target, and we hope he/she doesn’t miss. If no winner, the pot carries over to the next Black Powder shoot.

As always, hearing and eye protecting is required.  The use of powder measures, holding less than 200 grains, is mandatory for charging your gun.  The use of flasks, powder cans and/or kegs is forbidden to load your weapon.

We have a small cadre of black powder shooters who I am sure would be interested. I am hoping that more folks would get interested and just show up to watch.

See ya there!

Rob (Festus) Harney
Black Powder Committee


posted Oct 4, 2017, 7:33 PM by Morgantown GunClub   [ updated Dec 1, 2017, 5:15 AM ]


posted Sep 12, 2017, 1:39 PM by Morgantown GunClub


It is that time of year!  We have set a get together to hone our skills and do some shootin’.  Flintlock, percussion, revolver, pistol, rifle or musket, all are welcome.   I have set up this shoot so all black powder enthusiasts can have fun.  And I will have extra powder and shot if you want to learn.

The fall shoot will be held on Sunday, September 17th.  The following will outline the particulars of the Shoot.


The entry fee will be $10.00 per shooter for the use of the Club Facilities, snacks and refreshments.  In addition, this will be a Money Shoot with the Target fees split between the Club and the winner(s).  Registration will be from noon ‘til one and the shoot will begin at 1 PM with a brief orientation.  The Club will provide all targets along with black powder solvent and patches for routine cleaning.  Each shooter will be responsible for powder, patches, and balls for their individual guns.  Cold sodas, water and snacks will be available throughout the afternoon.

Guns and Ammo:

The targets will be designed to accommodate both pistols and rifles. Both flintlock and percussion guns are acceptable and there are no caliber restrictions.  However, only patched round balls are allowed for rifles and no conical pistol bullets. Black powder or “fake” black powder (Pyrodex) is allowed but each shooter is responsible for the proper granulation and load for their weapon.  Only loose powder loads and patched round balls can be used.  Also, only iron or aperture/peep sights will be allowed.  No tubular, telescopic or “aim point” type sights are permitted.  Florescent sights will be allowed with a -1 point value.


First and foremost, we are concerned about Safety!  Since we don’t have contained cartridges and have loose powder, we must be on our toes!  Black Powder can ignite from a spark or a lingering ember in the barrel, but also from compression.  (I didn’t think so, but I shot a left over ½ pound can of black powder with my .30-06 at 100 yards a few years back and the explosion was impressive.)  For Safety, each participant will be teamed with one or two others so we have a safe shoot.  Plus it makes loading and pouring powder easier. 

Loading and Priming:  Loading a gun may be performed behind the firing line at anytime.  However, you cannot prime or cap a gun until it is your turn to shoot and you are ready on the firing line.  Only one primed/caped gun at a time will be allowed on the line.  And as always, you should minimize the time your face, hands and fingers are in front of or near the muzzle during loading.

Snapped Cap/Flash in the Pan/Hang Fires/Etc.:   While on the firing line, if you pull the trigger and the gun fails to fire you must maintain aim of the gun at the backstop.  Black powder guns are well known for misfires and hang fires, especially flintlocks.  We will review our procedures for such events at the Orientation.

One final and most important note:  The loading of a gun CANNOT be done directly from a flask, powder horn or powder can!  Loading MUST be from a powder measure that can hold no more than 200 grains.

The Shoot/Targets and Events:

We will have seven targets for $7.00.  A cumulative score for all seven will determine the winner.  Point scores vary per target with a total of 60 possible points.  The following targets will be shot:

* - Foul the Bore shot, off hand at 50 yards (NMLRA Target) 10 possible points

* - The Girl, Off Hand at 20 yards, 10 possible points

* - The Snake, standing on one foot shot at 10 yards, 10 possible points

* - The Cross, from the bench at 25 yards, 10 possible points

* - The Acorn, sitting 10 yards, 5 points

* - Shoot the spoon, Off Hand at 10 yards, 5 points

* - Split the Ball, from the bench at 25 yards, possible 10 points

The winner of the Target Shoot will be the cumulative highest score.


We will also have two money shoots: “Bang the Gong!” and “The Dueling Shot”.

The Club has some steel targets which will be new for us.  The Gong shot will be $2.00 and will be a single elimination shoot, all shots off hand. The 1st shot will be at the medium target (Approx. 6 “) at 25 yards.  The 2nd shot will be at the large target (Approx.14”) at 50 yards.  The3rd shot will be at the medium target again but at 50 yards. The 4th shot will be at the smallest target (Approx. 3”) again at 50 yards.  If you miss any shot you are eliminated, you have to Bang the Gong!  If folks keep whacking the small target, the remaining competitors will settle what to do.

Last round will be the “Dueling Shot” (I‘ll provide the revolver.)

Scoring, Judging and the Winner:

Since this is likely to be a small affair, and in the Mountain Man tradition, all of the participants will have an equal say in judging the scores.  I reckon 90%-95% of the shots will be a no brainer and the other 5% to 10% should be resolved by Majority Rule.  For all paper targets, if your ball touches a line, even in the smallest way, the score will be for the higher value.  If your ball just puts the slightest nick in the paper target edge, you will get credit for the minimum value.  The split the ball targets must show physical damage (lead smear, chip, etc.) from a hit.  If there is not a consensus amongst the participants on a particular shot, the Shoot Organizer will be the final arbiter of any scoring resolutions. 

Any tied scores will be resolved with one shot by each the tied competitor, off hand at 50 yards using the NMLRA Target until the tie is resolved with highest score winning or until the tied Competitors agree to a resolution, or hell freezes over.

The Winner will be the shooter with the highest point score per target or cumulative, depending on the number of participants.  A Second Place winner will be awarded Morgantown Rod and Gun Club Sportswear apparel.


posted Jul 8, 2017, 11:39 AM by Morgantown GunClub

Saturday, July 15th

Howdy Folks!  It’s been a while since we had some organized black powder shooting at the Club and the fall “Money Shoot” isn’t ‘til September.  So, I was thinkin’ we should have an impromptu get together before then.  And since the Club has no scheduled activities in July, why not?

This “Get Together” is open to everyone, Club members and the general public.  If you are a seasoned black powder veteran, bring your gun(s) and we’ll burn some powder.  If you have never fired a black powder gun but have an interest, you are the people I would like to see there!  This will be an opportunity for the beginner to get some hands on experience in a relaxed setting. There is no fee to participate and the Club will provide sodas/water and light snacks.  However, all participants must provide their own required hearing and eye protection.

Given that July is our hottest month of the year, I believe the morning will be the best time to shoot so I will be there between 9 AM and 1 PM.  (The Rain Date will be Sunday, July 16th from 10 AM to 1 PM.)  And since this is a Club sanctioned event, the range will be closed all morning and until 1 PM.  

There are no specific activities scheduled. Just a bunch of guys getting together to throw some lead, do a little practizin’, and a little jawin’.  I will bring the targets we use during the spring Rendezvous and the fall Money Shoot for practice. These will include: Shoot the Acorn, Shoot the Spoon, The Snake, 50 Yard Gong, and my personal favorite, Split the Ball.  (If these names have you scratching your head, come on out and see.)

Most black powder guns are acceptable with iron sights using a patched round ballflintlock, matchlock, percussion, rifled, musket, rifled-musket, pistol, revolver, etc.  No cartridge guns please and leave repeating arms and all cannon at home, i.e. SpencersGatlings, etc., and no 10 pound Parrots.

I encourage all of you folks who have wanted to shoot black powder to attend and see what it’s all about.  If you have a muzzle loader but you never really used it, bring it along and we’ll shoot the cob webs out of it. I will have my replica 1863 Remington Zouave and cap ‘n ball revolverfor anyone to try if you don’t own one. And I am sure any Black Powder old hand will load a round for you too.

Please e-mail me, (festus@chesco.com), if you think you are interested and are likely to attend.  This will let me know the level of interest and will provide a mailing list for Rain Date notifications.

See ya there! Rob (Festus) Harney, Black Powder Committee



USCCA Intermediate Home Defense and Pistol Course

posted Jun 5, 2017, 4:09 AM by Morgantown GunClub

USCCA Intermediate Home Defense and Pistol Course
July 22, 2017 8:00 am to 5:00 PM
Morgantown Rod and Gun Club

This is a Certificate Course for Intermediate Level Home Defense and Pistol
You must have previously taken a USCCA Basic or NRA Basic Pistol Course to attend
Expect to learn how to make a home defense plan, legal aspects of deadly force inside or outside the home, physiological responses to deadly force encounters, firearms training for the concealed carry lifestyle and home defense, shooting from cover/concealment, moving and shooting, reloading when injured and how to shoot with your other strong hand, sighted and unsighted shooting, trigger control for defensive situations and much more. Range drills and the value of a training partner will be stressed throughout.
For further information and details contact: (Email preferred) 
George Emanuel
USCCA and NRA Certified and Insured Instructor

NRA Basic Shotgun Course 5/20/2017

posted Apr 25, 2017, 7:50 AM by Morgantown GunClub

An NRA Basic Shotgun Course will be held at Morgantown Rod and Gun Club on Saturday May 20, 2017 beginning at 8:00 am
The club address is 1755 Quarry Rd, Honeybrook, PA 19354
You will need for class a shotgun, hearing protection, eye protection, clothing suitable for the weather, (we go rain or shine) and a teachable attitude.
Coffee, donuts and lunch will be provided. 12 ga shot shells and targets will also be provided. If your gun is other than 12 gauge, please bring 50 rounds of no larger than 7-1/2 shot with you. (we'll supply your targets)

A Brief Synopsis:

Name:NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Course
Short Description: Teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for the safe and proper use of a shotgun in shooting a moving target.
More Details: This course is at least ten-hours long and includes classroom and range time learning how to shoot shotguns at moving targets. Students learn NRA’s rules for safe gun handling; shotgun parts and operation; shotgun shell components; shotgun shell malfunctions; shooting fundamentals; range rules; shooting at straight away and angled targets; cleaning; and continued opportunities for skill development. Students will receive the Basics of Shotgun Shooting handbook, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification booklet, take a Basics of Shotgun Shooting Student Examination, and receive a course completion certificate.

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Learning is guaranteed, fun is optional (though highly recommended)


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